Lotteries in South America

South America has a reputation for being a continent that loves to have festivals, fiestas and carnivals, so there really isn’t a better place to celebrate a lottery win. The good news for lottery players in South America is that there are plenty of games for them to participate in, and – for players everywhere else in the world – tickets for some of the most popular games are also available online. In other words, everyone can enjoy the excitement offered by South American lottery games.

Big Country Big Lottery

Perhaps the most famous lottery in South America is the Mega Sena game that is played in Brazil. This game requires players to pick six numbers from the range 01 to 60 and if a player matches all of those numbers when the draw takes place they win the jackpot. It is of course quite predictable that the biggest country in South America should have the most famous lottery on the continent, but there are many other lottery games that are also very popular in other South American countries, including Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

Most of the headline lottery games in South America are draw-based, and so players enter numbers and are rewarded according to how many of their selections are matched when the draw takes place. That said, lottery scratch card games are also very popular in South America, but obviously those games need to be played physically and so they are only available to individuals who actually live in the countries and regions that offer them.

As you might expect in light of its culture of celebration, South America excels in creating a festival-style atmosphere for many of its draw-based games. The draws of some of the biggest games are televised in their host countries, and in these cases viewers get to enjoy all the sounds and colours that they might experience at a street carnival. If the prospect of having their numbers drawn isn’t enough to excite South American lottery players, the enthusiastic presentation of the games can’t fail to get their adrenaline pumping.

South American Lottery Tickets Online

Whilst players living outside South America aren’t generally able to watch such live television broadcasts, they can still participate in the biggest and most exciting games by purchasing their lottery tickets online. And of course, anyone who wins a South American lottery jackpot would then be able to afford an extended trip to the continent to enjoy its traditional carnivals and festivals in person!


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