World Game

There are many popular games that are played around the world, but in terms of the number of people who participate on a consistent basis, the most popular game of all has to be the Lottery, also known as World Game. We are of course using the word lottery in its most generic sense, because there are many different types of lottery games that are currently being played and they have many different names. EuroMillions, Mega Millions, Powerball, Mega Sena, El Gordo, SuperEnalotto – the titles of lottery games are as varied as the locations that they are played in. However, strip away these individual brandings and you will see that all lottery games offer the same thing, which is the chance to win a life-changing jackpot prize for a very small outlay.

It is this chance of winning big money with a single ticket that makes The World Game Lottery so successful in terms of global popularity. No matter where you live or which world lottery games you choose to play, you are part of a much larger community of lottery fans who all share the same jackpot-winning dreams and ambitions.

The Global Lottery Community

Before the World Wide Web became so accessible, this 'global lottery community' was quite difficult to recognise, but now that players can buy their lottery tickets online they are able to participate in games taking place on the other side of the world just as easily as they can participate in their local games. In addition, many lottery games have started spreading their geographical wings offline, with games like Mega Millions and Powerball now being played in dozens of states across the USA and games like EuroMillions being played in multiple countries (nine at the time of writing).

All of this makes it quite logical to describe the lottery as The World Game, and the purpose of this site is to provide lottery fans with a truly global overview of how that game has taken root worldwide. Not only do the pages of this site explain how every continent on the planet has embraced lottery games, they also present detailed guides to some of the biggest and most popular lottery games currently available. A history of the world’s favourite game is also provided for those of you who are interested in seeing how the lottery concept was born and has developed into its current format.

The indications are strong that the lottery is set to be The World Game for quite some time, so come on in, explore the information provided and good luck in your chosen games!

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