Lotteries in Africa

Lottery games aren’t quite as numerous in Africa as they are elsewhere, but there are certainly enough of them to give players the chance to win huge sums of money for the cost of a single ticket. Part of the reason why the number of games is lower in Africa than it is in Europe or Asia relates to geography and population. Simply put, there are vast regions in Africa that are populated by a relatively small number of people, and it is therefore not as necessary for every region to have its own range of lottery games.

That said, there are still plenty of lottery games that can be played in Africa, and South Africa has two of the most popular – the Lotto and the Powerball. As their names suggest, these two games are very similar to Lotto and Powerball games played elsewhere. The Lotto is a 6 from 52 game that has eight prize levels in total, including the jackpot itself. The Powerball game has eight prize levels and requires players to select five main numbers from the range 01 to 45 plus one Powerball number from the range 01 to 20.

There are many other lottery games in Africa in addition to the two just mentioned, and the majority of them are played in way that would be very familiar to players in Europe and America. Tickets are purchased offline or online, numbers are drawn at a designated time and results are published widely in the media.

African Lottery Games Grow in Popularity

Lotteries in Africa are most often viewed as games that are to be played primarily for entertainment purposes, with the excitement of having a chance of winning a jackpot being its own reward. This seems to be the predominant view to lottery games the world over, although of course some players take their participation much more seriously than others, keeping track of hot and cold lottery numbers or the ones most overdue to make an appearance in an effort to try and anticipate which numbers will be drawn next time around.

It is widely predicted that lottery games in Africa will continue to grow in popularity, not only among African players themselves but also with lottery players around the world now that it is possible for them to buy African lottery tickets online. We here at The World Game agree with that prediction and look forward to seeing even more African Lottery games being launched in the years to come.

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